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[Feature Request] Bulk Search and Replace



Do you have plans to make bulk Search and Replace for test cases ? The scenario that I am describing is something that can be easily done in wordprocessors and spreadsheets. If the name of the AUT changes in the middle of the release, and you have a few hundred tests already created with the old product name in many of the test steps/result, the only way that you can currently change the test step/result is to go into each test case and manually change it. It would take ages to do that. If you could make a bulk Search and Replace feature, this would make life easy for many testers.



Hello Ran,

Thanks for your posting. This has been requested before and is already on our list of things to look into. For changing standard attributes for multiple test cases, we recommend using the bulk-edit feature but this wouldn’t work for a search & replace.

What you could do is to look into using a export and re-import of your test cases using the XML export/import feature. To do this, just export a test suite or the test cases of your project, change the name in resulting XML file using search & replace in a text editor and then re-import the test cases with the “Update existing test cases” option checked.

I hope this helps!




We would love to see this functionality too.

I recently had to review a test suite that was created by someone else. It would have saved me a lot of time. We had prompts that changed and a search and replace function would have been very helpful.



Added another vote to this request, thanks!



I need this feature too, and all my co-workers :slight_smile:


Added another vote, thanks :slight_smile:



This would be definitely helpful for us too.


Thanks for your feedback, Alston, just added the vote :slight_smile:



We all need it :smile:


Added another vote, thanks Daniel :smile:



Please add another vote from me!

Only recently started using Testrail and our Development Dept. are in the process of migrating all of our existing Test Cases in MS Word to it. Search and Replace in Word is simple and extremely useful as I think you now realise from earlier requests and I have to admit being a little disappointed to see the feature does not currently exist. I’ve noted the Export/Import XML comment earlier and will see how easy that is to use but in the meantime please do your best to escalate the feature. Thanks very much.


This would be a major feature for us to get too. I get this request from our team regularly.


Hi there,

Happy to add additional votes, thanks for your feedback! The XML export/re-import is a relatively straightforward process and you can use any text editor for the search & replace but we understand that having this directly in TestRail would be great to have as well.



Adding my vote to this too. Would be a very useful feature to have. We are migrating from Excel spreadsheets, and one thing I’m starting to really miss about Excel is the ability to search and replace certain words in a whole bunch of test cases…


You can already search via the project search case repository filters but I’m happy to add another vote for the search & replace feature, thanks for your feedback!



Yes, I’d like also to be able to search and replace a text string throughout a number selected testcases (whichever field the string appears in).


Hi KaJo,

I have added your vote for this feature.


Please add my vote too!
Our team really waits Search & Replace feature.
We spend A LOT of time for finding and replacing text manually.
Is there some date when we can expect this feature?



Hi Katsiaryna,

Thanks for your reply! We still have plans to review this for a future update to TestRail, however we don’t have any timeframe/ETA to provide for this just yet. I’ve added your vote to the feature request as well.



We too need this facility. Its really time consuming otherwise.