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Feature Request - bulk edit tests in testsuites


As tests evolve, it becomes very important to update some of the tags/fields for the test in various test suites. For example, I recently added a field called ‘operating system’ to the test case template. As I create my test plans later, I would like to filter on all the windows or *nix test and add them to appropriate plans. I similarly have other fields like browser (IE 7, 8, 9, etc) which may evolve over time.

If I want to change the OS field to something for all test, i have to do this one by one. I assume that there are technical challenges around bulk edit due to the various ‘types’ available for any given test field (dropdown, checkbox, etc) ?

At a minimum, would it be possible to edit any of the displayed columns in the same way we can edit the test case name in the suites view without having to go to each test case. A pop-up would allow you to show the various ‘types’ and would save a lot of time.

It seems that people have been asking for this feature since 2009. Are there any plans on implementing this feature?


Hello Ali,

Yes, this is definitely planned and this has a higher priority for us. It is one of the areas we would like to look into for the one of the updates after the next one (which will focus on reporting). You can use the XML export/import features as a workaround in the meantime with the “Update existing test cases” (you basically export the test suite to an XML file, modify the properties you want to change and import the XML again). You can alternatively also look into using the API for this.

I understand that both options are not an ideal replacement for bulk-editing and we would like to support this as well in the future.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.




Is there an update on Bulk Editing of test cases? We have a need for this functionality and would love to see this make a version sooner rather than later.




Thanks for your posting. While we don’t have an update regarding the mass-edit feature currently, it’s one of the next things we would like to work on.



Has there been any progress made on bulk editing? We are in dire need of it and the alternative solutions do not look very user friendly. Thanks.