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Feature Request: bar chart instead of line chart for activity and progress views



My management would prefer to see a bar chart instead of a line chart for the Activity and the Progress views for a test run or test plan. Is there any plan to make this an option in the future?

It would also be great to be able to individually turn-on and turn-off (show/hide) the lines and have the axes auto-adjust. Sometimes I am only interested in Fail results, not Pass (which tend to remove precision from the Fails, since they are usually fewer).

Finally, how about including the ability to put in custom date ranges, instead of the default 30-60-90 days?

Any possibility?

Thanks, Jeff

Is there any way to zoom in on Activity or Progress charts?

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your posting! It’s currently not possible to customize the chart beyond changing the date range (30/60/90) but we are happy to look into this, thanks for your feedback! It’s always possible to generate a similar report outside of TestRail if you like and you can use TestRail’s XML exports in this case as a starting point. Happy to provide more details if this would be an option.