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Feature Request: Automatically generate set of tstcases from variables


It would be very useful to be able to automatically generate a set of testcases based of variables (a matrix) – e.g. the game has 3 difficulty settings, 3 characters, 10 levels – that is 90 test cases we would want created.

This is very time consuming to add manually, and often leads to human error when copy and then renaming.

One possible way to do this might be to use Configurations. At the moment, Configurations will create testruns for each possible combination of the selected Configuration groups. It would be good to be able to have them create testcases in the same way.



Yes, this feature is already on our list of things to look into. It’s a bit complicated to do this at the test case level at this point (because the application structure currently has a 1-1 case/test mapping between test runs and test suites) but this is certainly a feature we would like to see as well eventually.