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Feature Request: Auto-Generated Test Runs


I would like to be able to tell TestRail that I have X amount of time and want to do All tests from section (A) and or of priority (5) and then a random selection of test cases from Section (b) , © and priority (4),(3) and (2).

TestRail would then Auto-Generate a Test Run that would take amount of time X.



This is definitely an interesting idea. We plan to add some improvements to the Add Test Run/Edit Test Run forms to make it easier to select the test cases to include in a test run. For example, we want to add options to select all cases with a specific priority, test type etc. We will consider also adding options for randomization/time estimates and I’ve added it to our feature request list (I’m not sure if we would have this in the first iteration of the feature, but I will make sure to discuss this).