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Feature Request - audit log for test plans or test runs


It would be really nice from an auditing perspective if we could track changes made to test plans (or test runs). By changes, I mean the addition or subtraction of test cases or test suites (in the case of a test plan).:slight_smile:



Thanks for your posting. Yes, a more complete audit log or similar is planned and this would probably also include actions for test runs and test plans. I’ve added another vote to this feature request, thanks!

Please let me know in case you have any further questions or feedback and have a good weekend.



Please Add a vote to this topic. We are currently running into this where we have had multiple people changing test plans and we don’t know who made what changes. It would be very beneficial to have an audit/change log of all changes made on a test plan/test run and identify what those changes are so we can possibly revert them if need be. I do currently see an activity tab and a progress tab but they are only for tracking test results and nothing to do with edits.



Hi Rob,

Thanks for your feedback! We do have plans to review adding more granular audit logs for a future update to TestRail, and I’m happy to add your vote to the feature request. We’d also recommend using permissions and roles to help prevent unauthorized changes as well:

Hope this helps!




Another vote from me. Somebody removed tests from the plan and I don’t know why/who.



Another vote from me.


Hello, was this feature ever implemented?

If not, I’d like to add my vote to the pool.

Thank you.