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Feature request: Attatchmetns/attachemtn management at a sectional level


Would it be possible to have attachments at a sectional level. Currently I Use/abuse the section description insert image to upload files and create a link. however this gets difficult to manage and leaves files behind if the link is removed or changed.

Having Attachment management as it is at test case level would be a huge benefit.



We are happy to add this to our feature request list, thanks for the feedback! You can add (inline-) images and other links to the section description as you mentioned but I understand that attachments would be great to have as well and we will make sure to look into this.



I would like to second this request! But thanks to the OP for pointing out I can attach images to the section description.


Thanks for your feedback, Jeff! I added another vote to this feature request.



Also for us, we would like to be able to have a central place for attachments. The sections level is not bad, but I would even go further. I think it would be better on solution or even project level.


Hi Claudio,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve added your vote to this request as well.