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Feature request: Associate a test suite with multiple projects


Essentially I just got testrail and am still setting it up. We have two parallel projects, one of which is deprecated but still supported, and the other is the new version meant to be better and awesomer in every way, but still have most legacy functionality of the old project (in addition to new functionality). We also use redmine, and have two separate redmine projects.

It would be nice to create a single test suite and associate it with both projects. I know that it’s possible to create it for one, and then copy the tests over to the other, but then if we add more tests (due to bugs found) for one, it’s a manual process to copy them over to the other.

I fumbled around a bit and checked the docs and couldn’t find a way to do this, but if it is already possible but I haven’t found how, please let me know. Thanks!

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the separate redmine projects is key to this request. I saw another feature request to be able to integrate with bug trackers on a per-suite or per-run or per-plan basis. That would also solve this issue for me, if I could have a single testrail project with multiple test plans with their own redmine associations.



Thanks for your feedback. You mentioned that a per test run/per test plan configuration of the Redmine integration would help with your project setup: the Defect View URL is independent from the project, so you wouldn’t need to configure separate URLs (except if you used separate Redmine instances for the different projects):


The Defect Add URL is project-dependent in Redmine though but you could build a simple HTML page and/or PHP script that would allow testers to select the project. So instead of pointing your Defect Add URL to a specific project, you would point it to a HTML page (e.g. on the TestRail server) with links to the different Redmine add addresses. Would this work for you?

Please note that we also have a TestRail defect plugin for Redmine available on request that would allow you to push bug reports directly to Redmine from TestRail (I’m happy to email you this script). Please note that the TestRail defect plugin for Redmine has a few limitations compared to our other plugins (you need to configure the project categories once manually as Redmine doesn’t provide API methods to query this) and it only works with recent Redmine versions. But it’s still useful nonetheless if you would like to try this.



Thanks for the quick reply. Your html hack would work, and I’ve seen it in another thread, but it’s not what I’d prefer. I would like to try out the TestRail Redmine plugin to see what it does. I was unaware of its existence. Could you please send that to me?



Is there a way to copy a suite from one project to another? In multi-project environment we should be able to move our test suites around the projects.


Hello rdickey,

we’ve just sent you the file via email. Let me know if any questions come up.



Hello Dolores,

Thanks for your message. You might want to open a separate discussion thread for requests / questions in the future, but it’s okay: to copy a test suite from one project to another project, you would need to create an empty test suite in the new project. Then open the empty test suite and open the Copy / Move dialog (via the little icon with two sheets of paper in TestRail’s toolbar; next to the suite title).

You can then select the source test suite and select all cases by clicking the All link and then copy the cases by clicking the Copy icon.

Please note that we are also looking into making this a one click operation in the future by offering a direct test suite copy function.



Thanks for the quick reply. It worked for me.


I’m also interesting to test the redmine plugin.
We’re using red mine in my company and it will be very important.
If I found some innovations, I’ll give you these.
Best Regards


Sure, I’ve just emailed you the defect plugin for Redmine. Just let us know in case you have any questions.



I’m also need the redmine plugin please.
We’re using redmine and it will be very helpful.



Thanks for your posting, I’ve just sent you the Redmine plugin details in a separate email. Just let me know in case you need anything else from us.