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Feature Request: Assign individual Test Runs to Milestone


As far as I can tell we can only have a Test Plan point to a single Milestone (v2.7.0.1978).
I would love for a way to have a Test Plan to contain Runs corresponding to different Milestones.
Is there a way we can set Milestones at a Test Run level?




Thanks for your posting. You can set the milestone at the test run level if you create test runs separately from test plans but this is not supported for test runs in a test plan currently. So instead of using Add Test Plan on the Test Runs & Results, you could use Add Test Run and can then assign different milestones for your test runs.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Thanks for the quick answer, Tobias!
I am aware of the test runs (outside of Plans) pointing to Milestones. That’s actually what we had become accustomed to doing, which is why it seemed odd that we would lose that ability once we started trying to use “Test Plans” to group and organize the runs.

Is there any intention to add the ability to set milestones at a test run level within plans?

. Abby


Hello Abby,

Thanks for the update. There are currently no plans to change this to be honest. The reason for this is that the test runs of a test plan are not displayed separately on the milestone pages (because there can potentially be dozens of test runs per test plan if you use configurations, for example). This may change in the future and we may then also add milestone support for test runs in a test plan but this is not currently planned as mentioned unfortunately.