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Feature request: allowing tracing of automated tests



Allow to enter execution date of a test case when the status of the test case is reported.
Use this date in the reporting (not the date of status change).


In my case big number of tests are executed automatically. It means that the date of the test case result entry is different than the date on which test case was executed.
Still, I would like to trace the progress of automated tests too. But without an option of entering the date when the test case was executed I have no possibility to trace the real time of execution.


I added this as a feature request, I can certainly see why this might be useful. You might also be able to implement this with custom fields, a feature we are planning for a future version of TestRail.

We also plan to add direct support for automated tests to TestRail at some point in the future with an API to enter test results automatically. Since automated tests are usually a bit different than manual tests (execution frequency and amount of results, for example), we plan to integrate automated tests separately from the current test results.

We haven’t yet decided for an exact implementation though and are open for any feedback in this regard. Would you benefit from specific support for automated tests and would you like to see better support for this?



In my case it is enough to have a possibility to enter date of test execution. By default it could be the current date (as it is now). I have to admit that it is “enough” but also it is a must in my case…


A workaround could be to add the actual execution date to the comment of the test result. It’s not an optimal solution but could be used until there is a better way (for example, with custom fields or entering the date as you suggest).

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But then the reporting will be not valid…


Yes, if the entering date of a test result does not reflect the actual testing date, this may influence the reporting a bit (the test result order when viewing a test or the activity line charts). Thanks for bringing this up, we will definitely look into it but I cannot promise if or when this feature will be included.