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Feature Request. Allowing customization to the embedded Reports


It would be very useful to allow customization to the current embedded progress and statics chart shown during test runs and their summary pages. Especially to those who customize their status’s to be unique or to adhere to teams philosophies of testing.

This would also support/remove the need for the UI script to make some of this possible as per the thread
[[UI Script] Account for custom passed status][1]
[1]: [UI Script] Account for custom passed status

Our team uses custom status’s and a different philosophy on test case management within the tool. We concluded that testing is never actually finished, just the assignment and passed/failed is considered based on the bugs identified.

We would like this embedded report, to instead, be able to;

  • Choose which status’s are visible in the results/chart (including untested)
  • Defined what Calculation is being done for the primary (the bold) of each status result
  • Choose (up to a limit) how many additional calculations can be referenced underneath each status. (like the current % of test cases)
  • Calculations per status: test case Count
  • Sum of Est Time
  • Sum of Actual
  • (Or both in comparison. i.e 23h of 43h,)
  • What time value to report as d, h, h m, m s, etc
  • Nice to have - Total bug count
  • Nice to have - the max count for the leading bug affecting the most test cases.
  • Which status’s are used to calculate the total % for the Pie Chart. i.e. All or from a specific selection of status’s.
  • Change what calculates into the current “total % Passed”. Any of the above calculations to be the Primary indicator as the Pie chart already demonstrates a % covered
  • Lastly, the option to disable the graphic of the Chart or the report entirely, from being displayed within specific pages. If so, then to control it via role permissions. (i.e. Testers don’t need to see this active data as they should be focused on their tests but is a valuable asset via the ToDo screen.

I know its a big request but its also a whole new layer of flexibility and maybe something can be useful to expand the existing reports.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your posting and your feedback, that’s really appreciated. It’s already planned to make the statuses (and as a result, charts) more flexible. One thing that’s definitely planned to look into is to make it customizable which statuses add to the total percentage of runs/plans/milestones. This currently only takes into account passed test results but we would like to make this more flexible in the future (similar to how the “final” status for statuses contributes to the progress on the Progress tabs and burndown chart).

The visibility of statuses in the charts is determined by their active status as well as occurrences in the statistics. The calculations per status are currently hard-coded to the number and percentage of tests but I can certainly see how additional details would be nice to have. You can already some of the other reports from the Reports tab for this (such as the defect reports or progress tab but not necessarily per status).

I’ve added your suggestions to our feature request list and we will look into them for a future version, thanks again for your feedback!



Hi Tobias,

Is this feature available already in latest versions?



Hello Venkata,

Thanks for your posting! Which of the mentioned features do you mean? More flexibility and customization options for the statuses is already planned but not available with TR 5.1 or the upcoming 5.2. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request.