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Feature Request: Allow user ordering of tests in Test Run


Currently in Test Suite area user can drag and drop test cases to rearrange them in different configurations, which is great for grouping them.
Can the same functionality be added to Test Runs area, as often the test execution order of actual test run will not be the same as the order of test cases captured in Test Suite area?



Thanks for your posting. Test runs currently use the same section structure and case ordering as the test suites (making this more flexible is already on our feature request list and I’ve just added another vote, thanks!). In case you haven’t noticed this, you can change the ordering/grouping from sections to a different attribute by adding the column to the table and then clicking on the column header. This is useful to change the ordering, e.g. to order/group by priority, status or a custom attribute:



I want to support this request. We have tests which are not necessarily related, but they can be sequenced, so that after going through tests A and B, you meet the preconditions of C. Of course, if A or B are not successful, it may be necessary to create the preconds for C manually, but most of the time you can go through them much quicker, if ordered the right way.

These tests are not ordered in this way in the test suite, because they are in functionally different units, i.e., sections.

In the test run it would be nice to reorder them to speed up the run.

Best regards,

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Hello Philipp,

Thanks for your feedback on this, I’ve just added another vote to this request. You could look into adding an additional custom field to the test cases to manage your sequences:

You can then simply add the custom field to your test tables and click on the column header to change the ordering:



Hello, I was about to post my feature request, but found this posting. It looks like the thread was on almost year ago, Tobias, what’s the status of this feature request? Has it been made into a release?

FYI, my org uses


Test cases can be ordered/reorganized via drag&drop from the Test Cases tab. The order is also applied to all active runs. It’s not currently possible to override the order for each test run, but we are happy to review this as a future feature request.


Please implement ordering of test cases in test runs. We like to work through the tests in our test runs in a logical flow.
Contrary to earlier comments test cases in test runs are NOT ordered the same as the test cases appear in the test case list. They are infact ordered by the id applied by testrail when creating test cases. This does not work for us because we do not use the ids, we hide the id column and pay no attention to it.

[Test Runs] Drag and drop the order of test cases

Hi @QATest1,

The tests in runs use the same order as the cases in the case repository by default. If you see a different behavior, it’s likely that you changed the ordering/sort option on the test run page. You can reset this by switching to the default Sort: Section mode or by clicking on the little X icon:

(see the Sort option on the left as part of the toolbar)



That worked :slight_smile:
But still, if we are adding tests from different sections/sub sections to a run it would be good to be able to put them in a logical order without too much work such as creating new columns and sorting on those etc.
Drag & drop in test run would be good.


Great to hear that this helped :slight_smile: The tests are currently always ordered by their “natural” order of the case repository by default. The run page is very flexible and you can change the order as needed (e.g. by priority or status). Using a custom attribute on the case level is also an option and we are happy to look into additional ways to customize the order for a future option.



The ability to change the test case order in test runs would be a great enhancement as I currently need to write a detailed guideline for the testers describing in what particular order they need to execute the test cases


Hello Jasper,

Thanks for your posting! You can simply change the order of the cases in the case repository (via drag & drop) and this would also be the order used for the test runs.



Dear Tobias,

You gave the same answer before (to another user) but this is clearly not a suitable solution for our complex application.

The test cases are grouped in functional domains, not chronologically (which is impossible). Many of our test runs cover multiple domains and each test run requires its own particular (workflow) order of test cases. As a consequence, ordering test cases in advance for one test run would disrupt the order of other test runs. Therefore the ordering of tests in test runs (independantly from test case structure) would signifficantly reduce the time needed for composing test runs.


Thanks for the additional details, Jasper. I understand and we are happy to review this. There is one option/workaround to achieve this by using a custom field on the test result level, but this would mean that you would need to set a value for each test in a test run before you would start working on the actual tests. You can then order by this field on the test run level instead of using the “natural” order of the case repository. I’m not sure if this is a viable option (likely not) but I just wanted to mention this for completeness.



In my team we have the exact same challenge as Jasper describes. Please add a vote for me as well


Thanks for your feedback, Håvard!



Any progress with this ordering feature ?
I have seen the first post in 2014…
2 Years after I am sur that you managed something to help us organize our test ^^.



The default order in runs is still the same as in the case repository but you can also change the order via the Sort: option in the toolbar and group or order by another attribute (e.g. status or assignee).



Hi Tobias,
It is the same answer that you are giving every time but that is not answering our specificall need aas mention in early posts by others. We want to be able to sort independetly of the sections and the Sort options is not doing it. The request is to be able to organize test as we want. If not possible then it is bettter to say it out and loud ^^.
As a feature request, I would LOVE to organize my test even if the are in a different section or sorting group.
Is it possible to take in consideration this need ?


Yes, we are happy to look into this for a future version but the runs currently use the same default ordering as the case repository. Being able to change the order per test run has been on our wish list for a while and it’s planned to look into this, happy to add another vote, thanks!