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Feature Request: Allow Batch Editing Across Test Cases


Some feedback I got from my colleagues was that they really appreciated the ability to in batch add a test result or reassign a test case. We really wish there was something similar for Test Cases within a Suite.

For example, we recently started giving more precedence on certain fields, like Type, Estimation, and some custom fields we defined. Because of this, we now have to go back and assign these fields for each test case which takes a bit of time. We know of and have used the API and it is capable of doing something like this, but isn’t ideal.

What would be really nice was if there was a way to batch select a group of test cases using check boxes and batch edit fields. This would be ideally be very similar to how applications like iTunes handle this (allowing you to batch change artist names for example).



Yes, mass-edit for test cases is already on our feature request list and it has a higher priority for us. Using the API is the workaround I would have suggested as well (especially when you have many test cases to change) but I agree that support in the UI is preferable. We will definitely look it.



Would love to see this feature!


Yes, totally agree - was about to create a new thread requesting the same!

We would like to be able to flag a group of tests and “Pass All” for example (this feature is available in Quality Centre), or in Test Suite to flag a group of tests and change attributes, such as from a P1 to P3 priority for example.

Any idea on time frame for this one



Thanks for your feedback. Yes, bulk-editing is planned for one of the versions after the next one (which focuses on reporting) and we already have a lot of ideas for this update.

Sarah: You can already add multiple test results at once by selecting the tests (via the checkboxes) and then scrolling down to the Add Test Results button. Bulk-editing test cases on the other hand is planned as mentioned.



when do you think will be out new version with bulk-editing? We are just evaluating TestRail and we really like it so far, but missing bulk-editing is really big disadvantage for us.




Hello Zbynek,

Thanks for your posting. While there’s currently no time frame for this this feature has a high priority for us and we understand that this is important. We would like to add it to one of the next versions but we currently don’t have an expected release date for this unfortunately.



Just wanted to add another voice to the request for bulk editing. I have found the same as the original poster, that in adding cases to suites I then later realised that the type needed changing or another custom field. This would definitely be a super useful feature!


Thanks for your feedback on this, Bethani! I added another vote to this feature request.



Comments as voting? I’m with it. Upvote by one. :slight_smile:


Hello Christina,

Added to our issue tracker, thanks. :slight_smile:



yes, yes, yes.
this is a must have. Please add it soon.
I like the software. Our org is using it, but that lack of bulk edit is killing our productivity.



You can use the XML export & import functionality (with the “Update existing test cases” option checked) as a workaround in the meantime. You can alternatively also look into using the API for this:

That said, we understand that this is an important feature and this has a high priority for us as well.



We need bulk Edit as well


I added another vote to the feature request, thanks Elise!



Wanted to check the latest update on this thread.
Is bulk edit (through UI) supported now?



It’s not yet supported but still high on our todo list (and it is planned to look into this soon).




I would like to add another vote on this feature. Our team actually uses this feature quite a bit so we’re already noticing how much we miss this feature after exploring TestRail. For example, when editing test cases it would be nice to have a find and replace feature so that we can change specific things inside test cases, whether it’s a word in the test case title or somewhere in the description or steps. We would love to see this in a future release!



Hi Bryan,

Thanks for your posting. Bulk-editing has been introduced with TR 4.0 and you can find an introduction here:

Find & replace is currently not available but already on our feature request list and we are happy to look into this for a future version, thanks for your feedback!




I would like to add another vote on this feature.