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Feature request: allow attachments when editing comments or results


I have noticed that when I go back to edit a comment or test result (withing 24 hours), I can add in pictures, but can’t add attachments, like I can when the comment or result is originally entered. Is this an oversight?

THanks, Jeff


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your posting! You can simply add a result to add additional attachments and that’s the recommend workflow. It’s already planned to look into changing the status and attachments for existing results as well.



Thanks for the reply. This is what I’ve been doing to get around the limitation. It’s not a big deal, just a nice-to-have. Sometimes if I’m multitasking and running multiple tests at once, I accidentally place logfiles attached to the wrong test case. Then I have to put in a note to disregard those attachments. For accidentally attached screenshots I can just overwrite the mistake.


Thanks, Jeff, makes sense! Happy to look into this, thanks again for your feedback.