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Feature request: additional text field per step/result labeled "notes"


Some times, the need arises to provide additional information to the tester that is not a part of the action to be taken, nor a part of the expected result.

So far, I’ve used the preconditions box for this, but this solution is not efficient, as many times these “notes” vary between steps/results within the test case. Thus, one extra box per case is not enough, especially if the preconditions are complicated.
An additional optional (turn on/off) text field will provide the perfect solution for this problem I am facing.

Please consider,

thanks in advance,
Nikolai Beltov.


Hello Nikolai,

Thanks for your posting. You can define your own custom fields for test cases. So you could simply create another “Note” or “Description” field for your cases, for example. You can define custom fields for test cases and for test results under Administration > Customizations. There’s also a detailed help topic available for custom fields, which you can open via the Help link in the upper right corner of TestRail’s user interface.

I hope this helps.



Hi Dennis,

I’m afraid I was misunderstood.

I have reviewed the help pages and topics and reviewed the customizations screen again.
Unfortunately, I could not find what i was looking for.
What I need are means to add a “notes” field, per each added Step / Expected result.
Adding a single “notes” field per case was not what I mean.

-Nikolai Beltov


Hello Nikolai,

Thanks for the additional feedback. It’s currently not possible to add another column to the steps table. But you could simply include the additional notes and details in the Steps column and separate this from the actual step description by including a vertical line. If you add the following characters to a description, TestRail would automatically display a vertical line (you need to have an empty line before and after the dashes):

I hope this helps.



2018 - is this still not available? Could not find how to do it … why isn’t that possible, even the most elementary tools have an additional field (for notes, comments, test data, whatever) per step