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Feature request: additional test case filter criteria for "Comparison for Cases" report

Here is my use case:
After a few test runs, I would like to find our which test cases have NOT been executed, so I use the “Comparison for Cases” report (select the option “The latest/combined test result for the selected test runs (status)”. However, I want to ignore the test cases under certain sections/subsections of the project, which is not currently supported by the test case filter options. Could you plesae add the support for that?

Hi jiekang,

The Comparison for Cases template can show the test cases that have not been executed. Limiting which test case sections/subsections covered by the report is controlled on the first page of the Report Options. By default the first option is set to “All sections” you just have to select “The following sections only” and select which sections to include. Hold Ctrl or Shift to select mulitple options.

Hi, vtran:

This is only available for the project type “Use a single repository for all cases”, but I am using the project type “Use a single repository with baseline support”.

hi, is there any update on this?