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Feature request - additional (or custom) fields for user


One thing we want to do in administering TestRail is to see how many users we have, broken down by team or location. This isn’t really easy to do currently.

There are multiple ways this could be done:

  • have optional fields such as “Team”, “Location”, etc.
  • have the option to add custom fields
  • have an “Export to CSV” feature to export the user list to a CSV file


Hi Jim,

Thanks for you posting! I can recommend looking into the groups feature. This is mostly used for permission management but you can also use this to segment your users into different teams or group your users by location. A user can be part of multiple groups so you can just add a group for each team and each location and TestRail would show the number of users in each group on the Administration > Users & Roles overview page:



It will show the number of users, but that’s it, correct? I couldn’t say “show me all the users in group x” and get a list…

I realize groups are currently just used for permissions. I guess my point is they could be used for a whole lot more.


Hi Jim,

Yes, on the overview page it would just show the number of users but you can open the group and each user in the group has a checked checkbox. A full CSV export or similar for the user list is something that’s already on our todo list and it’s planned to look into this.