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Feature Request - Additional Information and Fields to support Gobal information on a Test Plan / Runs


Currently the Test Plan/Run only has Milestone its assigned to, the initial assignee and the title of the Test Plan / Run. Components work well for product isolation but not for information.

The description exists but its only view-able within the edit screen and doesn’t show up anywhere for the tester.

Could there be a way to add information to the test run to allow for a more global standpoint on testing? I was thinking of allowing the creation of Fields on the whole test Plan, propagating and can be created/overwritten on the Test Run level. This feature would allow a much more specific level of data reporting and even adding a layer of tasking.

These fields could support:
Add = Information exposed to the Tester at the top of their test run or within the test case, as a reminder of the direction for this test run.

Results = fields that will also apply to the results to be filled out. These could be hidden from the tester and allow for better data slicing or exposed to the tester to manipulate no different than any other result.

Example of Add Fields

  • Pulldown - Philosophical testing pull down. i.e. Ad-hoc, smoke, Regress etc,
  • integer - The build # or Test Hash
  • text - unique instructions
  • date - could be the date to start testing within the milestone

Example of Results

  • any field that is unique to a team, system, group and doesn’t want to be exposed in each results field of each testcase,


Hi Steven,

Thanks for your posting. The description is also displayed on the test run or plan pages and is the recommended way to add additional context details to a test run / plan. But it’s also already planned to look into custom field support on the test run / plan level and I agree that this would be useful to have. You can already add custom fields for results (on the Add Test Result dialog) and this is very flexible already:



Hi Tobias.

Please add my vote for custom field support for the Test Plan and Test Run level.

Best Regards


Added to the list, thanks Håvard :slightly_smiling:



Please add me to the list of supports of custom fields for Test Plans and Test Runs. This would be very useful.


Thanks for your feedback, Brett!