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Feature Request: Additional context in UI Scripts


As described on this page:

Context is available from within the UI scripts to access certain things about the user and project. We would find it greatly useful to be able to access additional context about the item we’re looking at on the page. For example:

When viewing a test result, it would be useful to have access to:

  • the test id
  • the test case id
  • the run id that we’re in
  • the milestone that the run represents
  • information about the run, milestone, etc

I realize that’s a lot of information to retrieve for every single page display. We have a need for some of this information in order to implement some customizations, and our only option at the moment is to call the API from the UI to fetch that additional information, which I suspect will be much slower.



Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting. I’ve added this as a feature request. Most information is already present in the DOM somewhere on the page but may be a bit difficult to access/extract. For example, the run and case ID could be extracted from the breadcrumb and Test Case (button) links and the test ID is available as part of the current URL but I agree that ui.context support is preferable, of course. We will look into it for one of the next versions, thanks again.