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Feature request: adding testsuite to testplans


This is a two part request

  1. allow users to add testplans without forcing them to select a testsuite. A lot of time, we don’t really have the appropriate test suite and we are just in planning phase. Creating a framework by just adding empty testplans is fairly common. Once the team agrees with the skeleton test plans, we then work on adding tests/testsuites to the plan.

  2. permission control for adding testplan and suites. Assuming that #1 is implemented, it then becomes important to control who can add/delete testplans vs add/delete testsuites to testplans. Allowing this level of control in the roles would be great.




Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. I’ve added both requests to our feature request list. The first one should be quite easy to add and I can see why this may be useful in some situations. The second request should already be covered via the add/edit permissions for test plans/runs (as you can’t change runs/suites in plans if you can’t add/edit the plan itself). Or would you like to see a more fine-grained permission system in this case?



Hi Dennis,
My second request is somewhat different. Let me describe
I have two roles

  1. qa managers - people in this role can define test plans and can add/remove test suites to this testplan.

  2. QA tester - they cannot add a testplan. However, they should be allowed to add/edit testsuites in a testplan.

The idea is to restrict who can create a testplan. We like to keep this activity confined to qa managers and product managers who can define very high level what test plans we need for a release. Once this is done, qa engineers can fill in these empty test plans by ‘adding’ testsuite.

so if there is a new permission setting ‘add suites to testplans’, it would address my concern.

Hope this helps



Hello Ali,

Thanks for the explanation. I’ve added this is a feature request, thank you. I would suggest solving this organizationally for now by giving everyone permissions to add/edit test runs/plans so that edits are possible. Limiting the adding of test plans to managers could then be solved organizationally.