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Feature Request: adding existing testplans to milestones


We have quite a few test plans in TestRail. As we move on to new milestones, we have to add a good number of these testplans to the new milestone.

Currently, I have to go to each testplan and then add it to the new milestone. Doing this is for 30+ testplans every few weeks is a lot of work.

Is it possible to add a new feature to add existing testplans to a given milestone. The ‘edit’ feature of milestone should show all the available testplans and we should be able to just check away the ones we want to add to the milestone.

Needless to say if this can make it to the next release, we would be very happy :slight_smile:


Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. Adding a page/action where you can set the milestones for multiple test runs/plan sounds like a good idea, thanks for suggesting this. I suppose this is one of the most common mass-operations for runs/plans and improving this sounds definitely helpful. We will look into making this easier and I’ve added this as a feature request for now.