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[Feature request] Adding case to test run from case screen


It would be extremely convenient to have a ability to add test case to test run from test case page.
Because standard user scenario is that when new feature was added to the scope tester should add new test cases/s and instantly include them into planned test cycles.


Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for your posting! In most cases, it makes sense to use the include-all option for test runs & plans and TestRail would then automatically include new test cases. For test runs/plans with a manual selection, you can navigate to the run/plan edit form to change the selection and include additional cases.



“Include all” is not an option - as we have different sections of test cases - some of them are used for one part of the app, some - for other, some are under development for the next release, and so on.
It would be much more convenient to have the button “add to” to add test to selected test runs, instead of opening test run and opening huge tree of test cases and trying to find new case there and not accidentally remove something else from test run.


I’d like to add one vote for this feature. We too do a lot of manual test cases selection when building our test plans and being able to add cases to a run directly from the test case page would be really helpful.



Thanks for your feedback, Sandra, happy to add another vote!



Please add another vote. My entire team here is incredibly frustrated by the method we have to use to add test cases to a test run.

It’s very clunky to have to navigate the tree and not only select a single test case that you want to ADD but make sure that you select all the previously added cases. It really makes no sense.

We either need the ability to add test cases to test runs at the test case level or we need an ADD button that allows us to navigate the clunky and often huge tree to add a new one without removing any previously addes cases.


Hi Annette,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated. Do you have the option to use the include-all option for your test runs? TestRail would then automatically add new cases to all (active) runs and you wouldn’t need to add the cases manually in this case.




Unfortunately, include all is not a useful feature to us. The way we run our projects, we would never actually use it.


Hi Annette,

Thanks again for your feedback on this. We understand that adding a new case to several plans/runs can be a bit tedious currently, happy to review this again for a future version.