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Feature request: Add the ability to make a custom field indexed


We use various read-only SQL queries to find certain information that lives within custom fields in our TestRail database, and having the ability to create an index on a given field would be pretty useful, especially as our test cases continue to grow in number.


Hello Glenn,

Thanks for your posting. Modifying/changing the database is not supported as this might (and eventually will) conflict with future TestRail versions. Even simple things like adding indexes would be problematic (e.g. if we decide to add the same indexes to a future update, for example). If you absolutely need to access the database, we only support this for read-only queries and we would still recommend using TestRail’s API in all possible cases.



Hi Tobias,

Sorry, I think you may have missed the point of my question. We are using read-only SQL queries in the old style php custom reports that you have examples for on your site.

What I’m asking for is a UI option in the administration view that can be enabled when creating or modifying a custom field. i.e. TestRail would allow the administrator to manage this on a per-field basis for those custom fields.

i.e. we would just be using an interface that is provided by TestRail to add / remove the indexes, we wouldn’t be setting this manually on our databases.




Thanks for the additional details, Glenn! We will make sure to look into this.