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Feature Request: Add Test Results from Test Runs page


We would like to be able to add Test Results from the Test Runs page rather than inside each individual run.

Some of our Test Runs have many configurations so it can take some time to add all Test Results.


Hello Gary,

Could you provide some more details about this please? Do you mean adding test results from the test plan page instead of a test run? I’m asking because you can already add test results from the run page, by clicking the little triangle next to a test result. Thanks!



Yes, I meant the test plan page!

Sorry for the confusion.


Ah, thanks for the clarification. A way to expand the test runs on the test plan page might be useful for this and I’ve added it to our feature request list. Thanks!



I found another way to do this…

  1. Go to Todo tab
  2. Group data by Assigned To
  3. Check checkbox next to name
  4. Select Add Test Result


Hello Gary,

Good point, this would also be a good way to do this.