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Feature Request: Add "me" option into custom dropdowns



We have a “tested by” dropdown custom field on our “Add Result” screen. I would like to suggest adding the “me” option to custom dropdowns, the same thats available in the assigned to dropdown as shown below:




Hi Marty,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail already keeps track of the user who added a result and there’s also a Tested By attribute on the test level (the person who added the last result). Have you seen this already? You can add new columns to the tables via the Columns button and you would also see a Tested By in the selection.



Let me explain again, we have a custom field “Tested By” on the “Add Result” screen, but there is no “Me” option in the dropdown, see screenshot below:

could we get a “Me” option included in custom fields please?

the problem i am attempting to solve is, wheni set the result on a test case and select the tested by dropdown, i have to scroll down to find my name each time, which i find annoying to be honest.


Hi Marty,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I got it (and we already had this on our feature request list). I just meant that a custom field wouldn’t be necessarily needed in this case as TestRail already keep tracks of the user who added a result. You can also add the Tested By column to the tables and this shows the last person who added a result to a test.



okay I get you. I’ve deactivated the custom field and added in the “tested by” column. Thanks for your help.


No problem, Marty, happy to help.