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Feature request: Add image/logo to projects and reports


I’d like to see a feature where am image/logo can be added to a project that then remains persistent through he projec, suites, milestones etc. That is displayed in the currently blank square next to a project name on the dashboard. That could also be displayed on reports.

I’d also like to see the option of uploading an image or logo for the company i.e. my company logo, that is visible on all reports etc.

Basically a bit more customisation in terms of look and feel.


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion! Yes, this is something we already have on our feature request list and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request.



Another vote for being able to add my company logo to all reports (and indeed to be able to brand the site).
Being able to set corporate colour scheme would be nice also, but that’s another and harder user story.


Added, thanks :smile:



thats a brilliant idea and would be really great to have… so another vote from me


We would love this feature too. We have a whole heap of different products that already have different icons. Being able to use those icons in the project list would be fantastic.


Added to the list, thanks for your feedback :slightly_smiling:



Add one more vote! Icons or logos would help me filter through our long list of projects much more easily. Thanks!


Added, thanks Jessica :slightly_smiling:



can I vote twice ? :wink: this was the first thing people mentioned when I introduced TestRail in our company. Every team has its favourite icon and the love to see it


This feature request starts to get really popular :slight_smile: It’s definitely planned to look into this, would be great to have!



Adding my vote too, it would be awesome to be able to see an image of customer’s logo or a project symbol/icon instead of a coloured square.



Thanks for your feedback, Ania, happy to add another vote :slight_smile:



add my vote too :wink:



Thanks for your feedback, Dan :slight_smile:



Any chance this is being worked on? Looks like it has been popular for quite a while.


Hi Seth,

We don’t have an update at this point unfortunately but it’s still on our list and planned to look into it. Thanks for your feedback on this!



We would also love this feature if implemented!


Thanks for your feedback, Roushan!



+1 from me also ofcourse