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Feature Request: Add Email Button To The Viewer


Often I submit bugs by copying and pasting the bug report directly into an email. It would be nice to just have a button that inserts the message viewer details in to the message body of the email.



There’s actually already an email feature in the SmartInspect Console, but I’m not sure if it provides the exact functionality you are looking for. You can send the current log file (or just the currently selected log entry) as an email attachment by selecting File | Send Log. The person who receives the email needs the SmartInspect Console (or the Redist) to open it of course. I assume you want to email the log entry data in clear text instead?



Yea, in order to submit the email as a defect in our system it would need to be in clear text.


Thanks for the clarification. I will make sure to add this as a feature request and we will consider it for a future release. The only way you could do this at the moment is by writing a custom tool that you could call via the Console’s Tools menu. The tool could process the log file and start your email client.