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Feature Request: Add Column to views which shows entire section/sub-section


Many of our test cases are organized into sections and sub-sections, and deeper.

It is very convenient to sort lists by AssignedTo or other sorting. However, the column display only has SECTION. This is the parent of that test case and may not be adequate to help with context because many of our tests cases are repeated in several areas of our software so context is defined with the path rather than adding to the length of TC name.

Can you create a new column that will show the entire path for nested subsections?


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your post! Currently, the Section field would only show the name of the section and not the hierarchy if it’s also a sub section. That said, we do agree that this would be useful to have and I’m happy to add a feature request for this. In the meantime, you can also consider exporting your test run via CSV as you can include the ‘Section Hierarchy’ for the test cases in the export options, and also use e.g. Excel to sort in the same way that you would in TestRail. That said, we know that this likely wouldn’t be as useful as having this built into the UI. Hope this helps!