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[FEATURE REQUEST] Add an "In-Progress" status to test results

We currently have the option to set the test run result to one of these:

  • Untested
  • Blocked
  • Retest
  • Passed
  • Failed

We have some tests that take two days (waiting for an automated nightly job to finish). To indicate that we are not finished with a test, we are using the “Blocked” status. An “In-Progress” status would be more descriptive.

Additionally, the default status for a result is “Passed”.
Suggest making the “In-progress” status the default.
Is this something that can be customized already?

Just create a Custom status of “In Progress”…

You should have several Unnamed 1-7 in the Admin --> Customizations area and use one of the unnamed statuses and rename it.

Hi @patsrick1943,
please don’t forget, you can’t change the status of a result afterwards.
“In-Progress” is nice, but you would need to add a new result with one of the other status later on.

Just because we had the same discussions on our side and people came up with the same idea - but refuse to add a new result…


Yes. I am not an administrator, but was able to get the administrator to add the status at the top of the list. Works as requested.

Actually, we can now edit the results. What we were doing was setting the result to “Blocked” and then editing to continue the test. Then we could change the result to “Passed” (or “Failed” if necessary).

just a short question, because I don’t have access to an installation.
Are you really talking about the final status of the whole test, or just about the step status.
As far as I remember, it wasn’t possible to change after adding.
Sorry, just to know for me…


Hello @kwirth,

Thanks for reaching out! As of TestRail 5.7 it is now possible to edit test results. You can learn more directly on our website here:

I hope this helps!

Hi @denriquez,
thanks for the info. I must have missed this point somehow.
Good to see there was progress at this point. :wink:


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