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[Feature Request] Add a Calendar View in Milestones


When clicking on Milestones, it would be a nice feature to have the view be an actual calendar view. In the view you could color code your Milestones, and be able to visual set/track specific Milestones.

Release 1.7 {blue}; startdate 1/1/17; enddate 4/1/17
Sprint 1 {yellow}; startdate 1/1/17; enddate 1/15/17
Release 1.8 {red}; startdate 2/2/17; enddate 5/1/17
Regression Test 1 {green}; startdate 3/1/17; enddate 3/15/17
Regression Test 2 {purple}; startdate 3/16/17; enddate 3/30/17

The idea here is that the calendar view would put a colored bar from the start to end date (just like outlook calendar view looks).

This helps with resource planning, and quickly helps you see conflicts.

A nice to have would be to keep completed milestones on the Calendar for Retro meetings after the fact.


Hi Bill,

Thanks for the posting! That sounds great and makes sense now that the sub-milestone feature exist. Upcoming (not yet started) milestones are already shown in a vertical timeline with the expected start date but having an alternative calendar-like view may make it easier to see overlapping milestones and help with resource planning.



Hi Tobias,

I like this feature very much and would help us a lot. We run at the moment a very big project with many milesstone and in the current view I have the difficulty to see the overlaps. Maybe a GanttChart view would be an idea as well.

For the time being it would already help if I could add the Milestone End Date to the Milestones overview. Is there an option I maybe don’t know?



Hi Ingo,

Thanks for your feedback. The End Date (previously called Due Date) is shown in the sidebar when you open a milestone but we will think about ways to make this more prominent, maybe directly on the Milestones overview page, now that the dates became more important with TestRail’s new scheduling features introduced with 5.3 (start date/end date, upcoming status etc.).