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Feature Request: Activity per User


Unless there is already a way to do this, could we have the ability to view the recent activity per TestRail User. It seems you can only do this per Test Run at the moment.

I would like in particular to be able to visualise the number of test cases processed per day + perhaps other interesting stats of your choice.






Thanks for your posting. This is not currently available as a built-in feature, but improved reporting is already on our todo list and has a high priority for us. This would also include user-based reports as well as other reports that are not currently available (e.g. a test case coverage report). If you use the download version of TestRail, you could implement this with a custom report in the meantime:

We are happy to help in case you have any questions, of course.



Hey there Tobias,

Sorry, I know this is an old thread, but was wondering if we now have the ability to do this via the standard reports that TestRail now has since this question was last asked?

Or is there somewhere where I can learn to configure a custom report in this fashion?




+1 from me as well. I must say this is something i miss really. We have done some customer reports for this but built it would be nice.

Things i am looking for:


  • How many test cases executed weekly, monthly, daily
  • Speed of executing cases
  • How many cases created by this engineer

Group level:

  • To compare certain individuals ( how many casees executed )
  • To from a group and see their performances
  • Compare two groups



Hello all,

Thanks for your posting. There are now various user-based reports on the Reports tab (such as the current workload via “Users > Workload Summary” or assignments via “Results > Property Distribution”) but TestRail doesn’t come with a dedicated performance report for users or groups currently. Such a report is still on our list of things to look into but it would also be possible to implement this via a custom report (which would only be supported for local, self-hosted TestRail installations though):



Last update was in 2014. Did you add this type of reporting in 2015? Thanks,