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Feature Request: ability to sort values in custom field


Currently, when we create a custom field of type Dropdown, we have to enter the values for the drop down field.
For Ex:
1, abc
2, mno
3, xyz

Now after sometime if I need to add another value( like def) in the dropdown, I will have to add it at the end (like 4, def) so it doesn’t change the respective IDs of the existing dropdown values.

Doing this is fine but there should be an option to sort the values when they show up in dropdown so it can be easy to lookup alphabetically

Hey @abhay

I guess this should be relatively easy achievable with a simple UI script, but I agree that it would be better if its handled by the system.

Hi @abhay,
have you tried this way:
1, abc
4, def
2, mno
3, xyz

As far as I remember, the numer is for identifying and storing a value in the db but not for the order of the list.

Well, I can’t check myself right now, so give it a try and let us know.



Thanks for the workaround, it works. However, it’s not a great way to manage the list if I have to make changes in the list and the list has 100+ values.

I would appreciate if the sorting feature can be implemented in the product and the user doesn’t have to manage the sort order manually.

Hi @abhay,
you’re welcome. Good to hear that I was able to remember. :innocent:

But it’s not really a workaround, rather the way how TestRail is working.
Automatic sorting is sometimes nice, sometimes annoying - not every (shorter) list is sorted alphabetically.

Longer lists are really bad user experience, sometimes you can’t avoid them, especially with missing support of alternatives for the customization.

To avoid manual sorting I did so in Excel and sync the list…