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Feature Request: Ability to share test case data (preconditions, ..)


I have been asked this more than once in our company. We would like the ability to share another test case’s steps, preconditions, expected results or what-have-you with newly-created or edited test cases. So, for example:

Test Case 1 (already exists)

  • Preconditions: A, B, C
  • Steps: D, E, F
  • Expected Results: G, H, I

Test Case 2 (creating…)

  • Preconditions: J, K, L
  • Steps: D, E, F (want to be able to see/import Test Case 1’s steps)
  • Expected Results: G, H, I (want to be able to see/import Test Case 1’s expected results)

Test Case 3 (editing…)
…You get the picture…

…So, all in all, we find it of value to be able to import (via AJAX or something similar) from other test cases to not have to copy/paste, duplicate text and/or export/import through the facility you have provided.




Hello Richard,

Thanks for your posting. That’s currently not supported unfortunately (but already on our feature request list). If you share the exact same steps between test cases (and not B, D, E, F in one test case and D, E, F, G in another), you could look into creating base test cases and then reference them in other test cases. You can link to other test cases via [C123] in rich-text text fields.