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Feature Request: Ability to set test run test case back to Untested


At the moment, it doesn’t seem possible to return a testcase to Untested - you can select ‘Retest’, but this is not ideal.

Additionally, and option to ‘reset’ a whole test run - changing all statuses to ‘Untested’ would be very useful.



Thanks for your posting. Retest has basically the same effect as Untested in the sense that it is considered incomplete (in the stats) but I understand that resetting a test can be useful sometimes. The next version of TestRail (2.7) will also allow you to customize the test statuses, so you could easily add and use your own custom status for this situation then.

Regarding your second point: Instead of resetting a test run, I would recommend the approach of rerunning (i.e. creating a new test run) + deleting the old test run.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions or suggestions.



Customisable statuses will be great, however I still think we need the ability to reset the status - usually after human error.


Thanks for the update. We will make sure to look into it again for one of the next versions after the 2.7 (which is already feature complete and available soon).

Thanks again,