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Feature Request: Ability to delete multiple steps at one time


I would love to have the ability to delete multiple steps at one time. I often find if I copy a test case I will need to delete multiple steps in a row. Or sometimes when adding a new test case, I will add a whole bunch of rows to the test case and then delete any extra rows. It gets cumbersome to click delete, then confirm the deletion. I would be nice to have a check box or something next to the rows then I can select the rows to delete, click “delete selected” and then receive the confirmation of deletion.

Thank you for your consideration!



Hi Tiffany,

Thanks for your posting. Sure, we are happy to look into this. We currently show a confirmation message because deleting a step cannot be undone and users delete all kinds of things if you don’t show a confirmation (and even then it happens a lot :slight_smile: ). Thanks for your feedback on this and I understand that deleting many steps could be simpler.



any news about this topic? any plans to add this kind ability?

it can really make life easier!




Hi, this is also something we would really benefit from as we also copy test cases and edit for new scenarios