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Feature Request: Ability to define start and end dates for test runs


Would be really useful if we had the ability to define start and/or end dates when creating test runs. This would mean we could create all our test runs in advance of when they need to start and run various reports over them to assess resources and time required etc.

We can create test runs in advance already, but this skews the resourcing and time periods as there are a number of days when nothing happens in the test run.



Hello Simon,

Thanks for your posting! You could look into defining a milestone for the group of test runs and milestones already support a Due Date field. Would this work for you? It’s also planned to looking a start/end date for runs/plans/milestones and we got this feature request before (especially useful in combination for tracking the progress on the Progress tab).



I agree with Simon. Would like to put a start date in the future for TestRun and or TestPlans. As a manager I want to setup the test plan in advance and not have it start as soon as I save it.

Thinking about it some more … the ability to define it and keep it inactive until I say “Start” might work as well.

Milestone is interesting but does not stop the clock from ticking when the TestRun is saved.

John Raymond


Thanks for your posting, John! I added your feedback to the feature request and we will make sure to look into this again for a future version. I also think this would be great to have, especially for the progress reports and forecasts.



Hi all,

for me it allthough would be great to have this feature as soon as possible for the same reaon as J & S!



Hi Steffen,

Thanks for your feedback. We have plans to offer this option at some point in combination with milestones. Milestones already support due dates and the plan is to add start dates as well and differentiate between active and upcoming milestones. The plan is to extend this concept of dates/states to runs/plans with milestones.