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Feature Request: ability to copy test cases within same project


On the test case list view, if I need to copy test cases within sections then there is no way to do that. Request a feature to enable test case duplication so we don’t have to type out everything when we need to modify a small part of test case

Hi @abhay
obviously I didn’t get your point, but TestRail offers the feature to copy test cases within a project or even across projects.
Especially within a section you can drag&drop cases.

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Thanks for pointing that out @kwirth. I can see the little grip icon to do that.

However, the grip icon is not there when you sort on any row. I was unable to see that earlier as my columns were sorted. Hence the request

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Hi @kwirth

If you sort by something the icon is missing, but you still have this icon at the top

so you can just select your cases and copy/move them through it.

Hi @ivaylo.nakov,
thanks for the clarification, but I’m the wrong addressee. :sunglasses:

You can’t copy test cases within same project using the shown Copy or Move cases button at the top. That only works with project-> another project copy.