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Feature request: ability to collapse/close/resize right panel

I would like the ability to collapse, close, resize, etc. the right panel when on the “Test Runs & Results” tab.

While long test titles per this post Feature Request - Test Case titles span more than one line is one use case for this feature, the higher priority reason for me is that I tend to add a lot of columns (assignee, priority, custom-field-1, custom-field-2, etc) to the listing of the test cases as I monitor the testing progress. It is nice that TR allows me to control the width of the columns, for I do take advantage of it, but at a certain point, I just need more screen real estate devoted to the left panel where all the tests are listed.

It is interesting (amusing even) that I find that (at least in FireFox) there is the ability to resize the right panel in that I can make it bigger, but not smaller than a certain, per-ordained size. To do this, hover over the dividing line until the two-headed arrow appears, and then drag the line to resize.