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Feature Request: ability to add a few test cases into a test scenario



Let’s take this example:
I have a few test cases C10, C12, C15 and C30. When you add those four test cases together
it tests a full end-to-end test scenario.

In my Test Case precondition I can add a reference [C10] to C12 and so forth. But it would be great if there was a way to create a test execution flow.



Hello Roy,

Thanks for your suggestion. How should such a test execution workflow be visualized or how you would want to work with those tests? E.g. if you added the test cases to the same section and used the correct order for the cases, you could click through the tests via the Next links when you verify a test run. I assume storing the cases in the same section wouldn’t work in this situation?



I know this is REALLY old but I have same issue. We have built all of our functional test test cases and now want to add scenario tests. A scenario test will be a selection of functional tests in a specific sequence: C123, C456, C789

So , I made a new section and created a subsection called scenario, I then added steps that are simple references to existing cases

Problem is when I add the scenario to a test run, the test steps are not expanded in a test run reports (we need to print the scenario tests fro end users)

I suppose I could create a test run with the functional test cases and then use rerun (or export/import - scrathc that: why is there no import to create a test run?) to create new instances, but it seems like the wrong thing to do. My gut tells me I should be building test cases fro this not test runs. Clearly if you are using testrail for running manual tests, it would be OK, but we’re not, we have to print for end users

What I’d really like is for a referenced step to be expanded when printed (maybe have a new notation like [[C123]] to indicate that it should be expanded

Am I missing something, any way to have an option to expand a referenced case?


Hi Mark,

Case details are not expanded in the print views so copying the cases might work better in this case. I understand this is not ideal either (due to the amount of work keeping this in sync). What might work for you is to use the baseline feature to have a single master repository and then create baselines just for the test run. The master repository would only have a single copy of each case but you could duplicate those cases with the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog (and create scenarios which reuse cases). Since the baseline/suite copy would be unique for each run/plan, you wouldn’t need to synchronize the cases and can simply create a new baseline when you want to start a new run/plan:

(baselines would be the second option)

Would this be an option?