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Feature Request: A way to tell which test a test was copied from


When I copy tests into a new Test Suite, it would be nice if the History for each TC showed which TC it was copied from (with a link so you can see the original). Right now, the history just says “Created: This test case was created. …”, which isn’t entirely accurate.



Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve thought about this before when we designed the history feature, but didn’t add the link for now because of permission/access reasons (e.g. a user shouldn’t necessarily see that a case was copied from another project when he cannot access that project). We will look into this again for a future update though, thanks!



We also have a need for this for cases within the same project. We need to link all the copies in different baselines within the same project.

Any updates?


Hello Cynthia,

That’s currently not available but you would already be able to find other cases via the search as mentioned in the other thread. A more direct/structured way linking cases in general is on our feature request list and it’s planned to look into this (happy to add another vote).