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Feature Reports



I am trying to extract reporting data for feature that contain multiple test runs. The multiple test runs are necessary to reflect duplicate testing across multiple devices and the “out of the box” reports are separating the features by test run. We are basically looking for a table like this:

Test Execution Status (QA)

Feature # Total Test Cases # Test Cases Completed # Test Cases Passed # Test Cases Failed % Test Cases Passed % Test Cases Failed % Test Cases Certified
Feature 1
Feature 2
Feature 3
Grand Total

Any suggestions?


Hi Sean,

Thanks for your posting. Can you provide a few more details? Is a feature for you a test case, section, milestone, or something else?



A feature would normally be an entire section of the app. So our test plans will contain all the “sections” or features of the app. Each one of those will contain multiple, identical test runs. Their are several runs for each section because it is being tested against multiple devices.


Hi Sean,

Thanks for additional details! There’s currently no dedicated report that includes the statistics on the section level. That said, one option is to use the exports on the milestone/plan/run level and generate reports outside of TestRail, for example in an external tool such as Excel or by using a custom script that goes through the XML/CSV exports. You can download the exports by clicking on the icon next to the printer icon (the one with the arrow pointing to the right) when viewing a milestone/plan/run. Happy to help in case you have any questions.