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[FEATURE] Log wide bookmarks



I think it would be good, to be able to set bookmarks that are available in all views. Currently, when I switch from one view to another I can’t go to the bookmark. I mean about following use case:
-I open view showing only errors.
-I bookmark some of them
-I switch to “All log entries” view
-I need here to be able to go to the bookmarked error.

What do you think about such a feature?

best regards
Piotr Rezmer


Hello Piotr,

Thanks for your suggestion. This feature is already on our feature request list. In your particular case, you might also be able to use the new Synchronize feature (Navigate | Synchronize, Ctrl+Y) to switch from your error view to the All Log Entries view. The Synchronize feature lets you jump to the same log entry in a different view.