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[Feature] gruop filtering


Hi Guis,
could be very nice to ahve a group filtering. In other word, the ability to filter non a single title but a group of entry. For example: if an entry show “foo” I would like also 3 following entry without any conditions.

In other word actually filters work well with single entry domain, but could be usefull that a entry wuold trigger a condition on a subseguent entry.

Ing Giuseppe Monteleone.


Hello Giuseppe,

Thanks for the suggestion. I assume you would need this feature in order to see a log entry in context (e.g. to see some of the previous and next log entries)? I can certainly see where this would be useful. I’m sure you are aware of this already, but you can toggle the current view filters with Ctrl+Shift+U, maybe this helps in the meantime. Thanks!