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FEATURE - console packet limit



I think it would be good, to have a limit of packets received by SmartInspect console. I had a case when opened console on the server with high traffic probably took all available memory, what caused other problems in running applications (probably caused problems with logging to *.sil files). Otherwise, user must be very careful with using console on production system. Usually I use remote desktop to connect to a server, and if it’s used in non-console mode, nobody will see console application (only in task manager).

best regards
Piotr Rezmer.


Hello Piotr,

This is something that has been on our feature list for a while. Ideally, we would implement it in a way that you can specify a maximum amount of memory the Console should use and that it would automatically delete old log packets if this limit is reached (to free some memory for new packets). Thanks for the suggestion.


Yes, this is exactly what I meant. Deleting old entries is the best solution. It doesn’t have to be online, can be performed periodically (for example every n minutes) to avoid performance issues.

best regards
Piotr Rezmer


We would probably implement it in a way that you can specify both the maximum amount of memory to use and another value that is less than this maximum amount. If the maximum amount is reached, the Console would delete as many log packets as needed so that the amount of memory used by the remaining packets would not exceed the second value. As an example, if you specify as values 100mb and 10mb, the Console would automatically reduce its memory usage to 10mb once its has reached 100mb.