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Feature: AJAX test case editing, and simultaneous Test Case editing


Forgive me if this is already requested, and please correct me if this implemented:

Page reloads for editing Test Cases is heavy handed for us and creates additional time for editing. Have you considered adding an AJAX screen slide for the Test Case detail? It would smooth out the UI for editing multiple Test Case entries.

And related, we would like to suggest a facility to edit multiple Test Cases at once. In order to change the priority, Issue references, etc. Again, editing each one really increases the amount of time required to build the Test Suites.

Thanks very much,



Hello Mike,

Thanks for your feedback. We have considered using “AJAX requests” for editing test cases, but we found that it would usually not make a very big difference on fast servers. Could you explain what “issues” you are seeing? Is it mainly the additional load time that is caused by the full page refresh? Or is it that you have to leave the page you were previously on? If it’s a performance issue, is this with a local TestRail instance or with the hosted trial?

Regarding bulk/mass editing: this is already on our feature request and it’s planned to add this eventually. I agree that this would be useful to have and we’ve had multiple requests for this.

Thanks again for the feedback and let me know if you have any further comments.



Hosted, but speed is not the issue. The page load is fast enough. The issue is leaving the context of quickly entering the cases. All page reloads require some sort of user re-adjustment, place on the page, context, cursor location, etc. Even a modal window might be better to retain focus on the data entry.

I’m being persnickety here, but I like the flow of staying on the same page. I’m adding lots of test cases and I click to edit a previous one, I can add, copy, paste stuff by tabbing around, change the priority, then save with Enter key. My cursor would stay (return) to the New Test Case field where it was and Continue right on.

Further, IMO, clicking the C# link should take you to the read-only version. Clicking the Test Case title and the nearby pencil icon should AJAX to an editing window (or a popup like you have it) as well as. The pencil at the far right should drop down to an ajax editing and allow me to close it again.

Overall, I can see that I would spend so much time on Test Case editing (Suite creation) that I’d like to streamline it to the keyboard as much as possible and not have a page reload if I dont need to.

I’ve been working with it all afternoon today and these are the things I can see right now that would make my interaction more efficient.

Just my €0.0139 :slight_smile:




A somewhat related accolade:

I have about 30 test cases that I wanted to duplicate under a different subsection. Selected all, held shift and the little helper icon comes up saying “30 cases (copying)”, and BAM! Copied.

Awesome! Really, really awesome. Nice work on that little UI gem.




Hi Mike,

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I agree that it would be useful to stay on the test suite page when you edit a test case. I understand that reducing the page reloads / page requests is a good idea when you have to edit things regularly and we have implemented things such as the Add Test Result as a dialog because of this. We will look into this again as we plan to improve some UI / customization options for the coming updates.

Please note that when you edit a test case from the test suite page via the right pencil icon, you are already redirected back to the suite page when you save your changes. A popup would still work better, but you already don’t need to open the test case, edit it, save it, and navigate back to the test suite page manually.

You could also open the edit page in a separate tab. Once you save the case and close the tab, you wouldn’t need to navigate to the same section/case in the test suite again.

Regarding test case copying: glad to hear that you found this useful!




We work with huge testsuites, which consist of dozens sections and hundreds subsections. And it’s loss of time and concentration to retreive the position every time we edit/create a testcase.
When we are back on the test suite page, we have to download all sections, and then look for the needed section/subsection in many-leaves tree. (Compact view does not solve this problem since after testcase was saved it returns to the first section of the testsuite, and not to the section AND the subsection with which we’ve been working).
Is there any posibility to not only be back to the suite page, but retreive the posion as well (to focus on a section/subsection which contains the testcase just saved) ?


Hello Nathalie,

Thanks for the feedback. We are considering alternative views and enhancements for the test runs and suite pages. You mentioned navigating back to the test suite page after editing the case. Have you thought about opening the case in a separate browser browser tab for editing (e.g. via the middle mouse button)? This way you would just have to close the tab to “navigate” back to the page and you would have same page position as before.