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Feat. Req. Foldable Sections in Test Suites


We have been working with TestRail for a number of years, and really enjoy the simplicity and ease of the tool. However, as we grow as an organisation, we find ourselves with more and more test suites and test cases and a number of challenges.

Our organization has a range of projects. Within the Development project, we produce software with many different modules. Each module (version) or feature set has its own test suite. We have just over 70 suites. Some of these suites are incredibly large (and growing).

At the moment, there are 68 sections and over 300 cases in one particular suite. When expanded, the tree structure on the right is longer than the length of the browser window. It’s a challenge to keep the overview clear, both on a project and suite level.

On the Project level: Splitting suites up into multiple suites per module would only make the project overview more cluttered, and regression/integration test planning trickier, so we have decided not to do that. Having all modules under one project makes composing test runs and reports easier, so it is not an option to split our project into multiple projects. One more abstraction level would be really useful here (sub suites within one module suite).

On a suite level: It is currently not always possible to view the suite as a whole. We love being able to create subsections per user story and cover all features in one suite. However, it would be nice not to have to click on ‘view the rest of the testcases’ when opening the suite. Having all test cases visible on the page by default would make life easier.

Likewise, the ability to fold sections would be much appreciated. We would have the overview we’re looking for, and be able to easily compare two subsections that are not next to each other. If this view could be saved between visits, our team would be delighted.

I’m curious to hear if one of these solutions, or similar, are in the pipeline for large enterprises.



Hello Hazel,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, it is planned to make the test suite/case pages more scalable with many test suites and/or test cases and this has a higher priority for us (together with other related features such as mass-edit). It’s not yet clear how this will look like exactly but it’s likely that we will encourage users to use fewer test suites and redesign the test suite pages to scale better for more sections and test cases (similar to how the Windows Explorer or Finder work).

You can already change the pagination option (that controls how many test cases are displayed by default in a test suite) and this can be done in the administration area under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface (this is limited to 150 by default).

Thanks again and please let me know in case you have any further questions or feedback.