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Feat-Req: Composited view of "Configurations" -> Acts like 1 big Test Plan

While posting Feature request: Cross-configuration status quick view may be equivalent to my feature request, I prefer a more specific request.

While I am finding “Configurations” to be a useful feature (created 10 in my last testing cycle), when I’m on “Test Runs & Results” tab, having to “open” (browse into each configuration) to see the details (where the test case number, title, assignee, status, etc) is cumbersome at best. I request a “composited” view of all the test cases from all the configurations I have created, along with the treatment of the Configuration name as just another column I could display (and sort or filter on).

This capability would be so appreciated, and make my job much easier to trying to find out who has what tests assigned to them, if there are any unassigned tests, grouping all the failed tests (via a sort), etc, from which I can then immediately make updates. If there is a different way to do this that I’m overlooking, please let me know.