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Feat. Req: Ability to control section(folder) collapse/expand state


Requesting the following abilities:

  1. The ability to have the default state of the section(folder) be optional as collapsed or expanded per user.
  2. The ability to have an expand all/collapse all button or toggle for sections(folders) in test suites and runs.
  3. Have the current state of each section(folder) remain as it was (collapsed or expanded) when leaving the page and coming back.

Currently, we have to manually close all our sections and subsections when we enter the test run or test suit the first time to make it easier to see where we are. We have close to 100 sections and subsections with more coming each week, which makes this tedious every time we enter a test run/suit. Then if we leave that view to edit a case or perform a test, and go back to it, all the sections and subsections are expanded again. This makes it difficult to follow where we are at a given time.

Having one or all of the requested items would be a great help for us as a user. Thanks so much, great product.


Hello Casey,

Thanks for your posting and your feedback on this. Yes, it is already planned to look into improving the behavior of the tree, also with regards to collapse/expand. We don’t currently have a time frame for this but we would like to look into this as part of a larger UI update.