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Faster protocol


Hi Guys,

During Debug is usual use TCP connection to see messages live. Unfortunately TCP is quite slow compared to file or memory protocol. Could you add in the next version a ‘live’ protocol based on messages or memory mapped file, that is fatster than TCP.

Ing Giuseppe ‘Geppo’ Monteleone


Hello Giuseppe,

TCP might not be the fastest protocol but it also has some advantages over, for example, window messages. With window messages, it is not so easy (or even impossible) to guarantee that the receiving application can really handle the amount of generated log messages (something that is supported by our TCP protocol). Moreover, window messages can be very problematic in service applications. Nonetheless, we are already working on improving the TCP performance. We are currently working on both the receiving and the sending side to optimize the TCP protocol. The changes will be integrated into SmartInspect 3.0.