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Failed to get test cases for one project (out of 13)



I have a curious problem.
I have a piece of code that query the API the same way to get all the test cases of a project. We have a total of 13 projects, whereas the code works fine with all except for one.

Project and suite information from TestRail:
DEBUG: current project:[{Project Name}, id:22, suiteMode:2]
DEBUG: Current project suites:[name:Master, id:108]

The REST Url of my problematic project is:

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic {API generated key}

The response code I get is 500:
TestRailIntegration.Api.TestRailApiException: TestRail API returned HTTP 500 (No additional error message received)

This Rest URL above and the authentication used will work for other valid projectIds and suiteIds, except for this one project. I would like to find more about the detailed of the error because there’s not much to go on for error 500. How do I trouble-shoot for more detailed of the error?

We are using TestRail version

Your suggestion is appreciated. Thank you!



Can you get the details of the project if you try to get the details by itself? Are there more test cases in this project than in the others? I would compare the projects to see if there are any differences and then test any differences.